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1944 MKIII WW2 Army Compass - Sale » Equipment & accessoriesAd number: 40699

1944 MKIII WW2 Army Compass 1944 MKIII WW2 Army Compass - Sale 1944 MKIII WW2 Army Compass - Sale 1944 MKIII WW2 Army Compass - Sale
Date added: 20.08.2015, 07:51Displayed: 1473x

Description: T.G. Co Ltd London No 275087 1944 MK III Army Compass Has a lot of fluid left Unsure how it works Therefore Please Note : I do not know anything about Army compasses I cannot guarantee or describe if it works a little bit or not at all We leave this to the buyer to decide if they want to buy it exactly like it is for their collection even if it is not working properly

Price: 200 £

Locality: South West England

Contact information:
Advertiser: Anonymous

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